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About Gocek

It was called blue voyage Gocek which is the first address that comes to mind when the borders of Turkey, Mugla province is a small and quaint town. Located in the Gulf of Fethiye, Göcek, almost like a paradise blue and green intertwined is stored. Peace is the nature of the universe, the throne of the Quran in the hearts of visitors with crystal clear water and friendly people always Gocek, which goes by the name the Lycians in the past daydala and also has historical significance because it is the hometown of. A pleasant sea holiday in Gocek, as well as windsurfing, water sports such as scuba diving, you might be familiar with if you are a history buff you can explore the mysterious secrets of this compound that if history stretches back centuries.

How To Get To Dalaman?

Göcek it is possible to reach both by road and airline. Dalaman airport is approximately 18 miles away in the summer if you intend to visit the town which is every day, if you can find a plane. If you prefer to come by road if you must use the intercity buses to Mugla. After coming to the center from Fethiye, Muğla, located by the city bus or in the van you will find below.

Göcek Göcek to your own vehicle if you arrive by car or rented the approximate distances between the various provinces and are as follows:

  • Istanbul-Gocek: 830 miles, about 12 hours.
  • Ankara-between Göcek: 650 miles, about nine and a half hours.
  • Izmir-between Göcek: 310 miles, about four and a half hours.
  • Antalya-Göcek between: 225 miles, approximately three and a half hours.
  • Bursa-between Göcek: 615 miles, approximately eight and a half hours.
  • Blue Cruise in Gocek

Perfect for those who want to make the journey especially the blue on this subject from a geographical perspective, offering the opportunity to experience Göcek has many advantages. The opportunity to participate in boat rentals or day trips throughout the Gulf of hundreds of the pond you may come across as quiet village. Also Yassica, Yagane, Tersane island, Gocek Islands, which are in line to explore the untouched beauty where there are stored as it is quite enjoyable. Thanks to the steep and rugged rocks surrounded by pristine waters and preserves the clarity of the intricate structure of Woods and cruise to Göcek's marina, with the coast offering a unique beauty combined with the many agencies that provide services are available. The blue voyage in Gocek 12 candidates for vacationers who stays in a day tour and a tour that puts most preferred. Blue cruises Gocek island which is one of the most visited islands in many large and small beaches. In the West, the West Village and East Village are the most visited points in Fig. Fig outside the village of Gocek is situated at the entrance of the field name full no commercial.

The Bay of Gocek municipal marina during the summer months also expired from fig boats every hour it operates. Village gobul when looking from outside, almost reminiscent of the tropical islands, turquoise and green intertwined is like a paradise. Gobun has a conservation area and should be located within settlements to be illegal because of a very well preserved nature. A portion of the remains at the bottom of the sea, it is revealed that it belongs to the late Byzantine period. Gobun has to dive out of the land if desired, or may be able to see the ruins among olive and pine trees with plenty of oxygen and you can go for a long walk. A 20 minute climb with a great view waiting for you when you get to the top of the island you will have. Yassicalar the only name that is privately owned and is situated on the southern tip of the island Experience, as it is understood by the name of the island is covered with olive trees and an olive oil pressing workshop from the Ottoman period.

The largest island in the Bay of islands the remains of an ancient Greek settlement abandoned after the yard period, the exchange still carries on. Within limits, there is also a shipyard on the island there are the remains of the tower has a restaurant. In particular, the type of boat and the pier on the island Cleopatra bath filled out a portion of the right side of the ruins of a Byzantine monastery can also be seen under water.



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